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The Property Management Process

  • Getting the right rent for your property is crucial. We will come to your property and establish the right rent amount, then create a plan to market the property and attract the best tenants. We will work with you to ensure that your property is presented in the best way possible, to attract the best tenants possible.

  •  Once we have attracted a pool of tenants, viewings are arranged and a short list of pre-vetted tenants will be presented to you. Once you have decided on a tenant we will make sure that all of the required paperwork is taken care of.

  • Inspections are completed before your tenants move in, regularly during their time renting your home and then again when the tenancy ends. Capturing the condition of the property throughout the tenancy protects your asset, provides evidence should it be required in the tenancy tribunal and ensures compliance with your insurance policy.

  • As well as collecting the bond and regular rent payments we will take care of any maintenance issues and ensure that your property is kept in great condition.

  • When a tenancy comes to an end we will manage all of the admin including final inspections, bond release and ensure that the property is ready to be marketed again to reduce any down time between tenants.

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